Technology Transfer Intermediary

Techcomrade Technology Intermediary Service

TechComrade is run by AseanTech which is an Intermediary in Technology Transfer.

In Today, Technology intermediaries are an important actor of the innovation system.

- Our roles is to act as brokers or third parties in order to build the bridges between the various participations within the open system.

- Our mission is to help business units, governments get ready for Industry 4.0

Key value add when using our service:


  • Connect buyers with technology providers
  • Access to key gatekeepers (tech transfer & tech acquisition)
  • Relationships with venture capital and SMEs
  • Cross-industry, cross-geography
  • Commercialization service


  • Opportunity screening and initial discussions
  • Protect client name and application


  • Evaluation and communication methods
  • Market and buy-side knowledge
  • Business formation and commercialization skills

External perspective

  • Unbiased evaluation and critical thinking
  • Networked to cross-domain technical expertise